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home_02.gif (7192 bytes)An excellent and thorough study of all things alcohol. Dr. Hanson is a recognized authority in the field and does not rely on special interest money for his research. No donations requested or accepted.

RIDL_Logo.gif (3623 bytes) The latest STATISTICS and more. Learn the truth, it's fascinating. See the actual police cases and how the NHTSA ignores the facts. Donations are welcomed to support this site. (The statistics page requires Adobe Acrobat for viewing).

NMA_header.gif (6540 bytes)A very extensive site devoted to all of the issues related to driver's rights, responsibilities and the law.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving:
A Crash Course in MADD
REQUIRED READING! The research for this article is outstanding and fully documented.

View Study: Behind the Neo-Prohibition CampaignBehind the Neo-Prohibition Campaign. The story of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's $265,000,000 crusade against alcohol. (Requires Adobe Acrobat for viewing)


View Study: In Their Own Words"In Their Own Words."The traffic safety communities take on the problem of drunk driving and its solutions. (Requires Adobe Acrobat for viewing)

truebeliever.jpg (34948 bytes)This new site gives you the latest "Who's who" of DUI arrests and more all from a lawyer's point of view. Worth the visit.

NEW LINK: Indiana DUI Truth
Practical information to keep you safe, out of jail and more. Should be read by all, not just Indiana residents.

DrunkDriverInfo.Com An new site dealing with Wisconsin's drunk driving laws. Much of the information is useful for drivers in the other states, too.

Survive DWI Resource Center This site provides a help resource directory to address all concerns related to surviving DWI, DUI, and OUI. This search engine offers a new approach 

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