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Why is DUI different?
Why is the punishment for vehicular homicide greater just because you were drinking?
Why are you not allowed a jury trial in a non-fatal DUI case?
Why are police roadblocks allowed to sniff for alcohol and not look for weapons or terrorists?
Why is your license shredded on the spot without a hearing, only for refusing a breath test?
Why does the Supreme Court consider a DUI conviction with 6 months in jail a minor crime?
Why do states praise the new BAC .08 limit as fair & then arrest people for BAC levels as low as .015, or even .00?
Why are DUI suspects named in the local papers while red light runners and speeders are not?
Why do some states issue "Scarlet Letter" license plates for DUI & not other dangerous drivers?
Why do states specifically outlaw plea bargaining only in DUI cases?
Why do some states allow no challenges to possibly inadmissible evidence only in DUI cases?
Why do these states demand that juries view DUI evidence, "in a light most favorable to the prosecution"?
Why do only DUI convictions count for 10 years with harsher penalties for 2nd offenses?
Why can you be arrested for DUI if you are only sleeping in your car?
Why do only DUI convictions require you to sit and listen to victim's tragic stories?
Why do judges who proscribe this sentence sit a BAC .08 person with a DUI felon who killed someone?
Why do some states substitute "reasonable suspicion" for "probable cause"only  in DUI investigations?
Why is scientific fact that disputes breathalyzer accuracy not allowed in DUI cases?
Why is the efficiency in manpower, money & arrests not questioned in using police roadblocks?
Why must you take incriminating tests before you are allowed to call a lawyer only in DUI?
Why are there organized "court watchers" only at DUI hearings?
Why are there no organized groups fighting for laws against inattentive drivers who are involved in 25-50% of traffic deaths?
Why does our government say that it is illegal to drink and drive, when it isn't?
Why is an underage person considered drunk at BAC .02?
Why do underage drinkers lose their licenses even if they weren't driving or don't even have a license yet?
Why does the state revoke your license when a doctor tells them that you binge drink at home?
Why is a blood test taken 3 hours after you were driving considered accurate?
Other questions:
Why does no one question "non-profit" MADD, which make $4 million/year profiting from laws that they lobbied for?
Why has no one evaluated the economic & social effects of 1.7 million DUI arrests/year?
How serious was the crime that caused no death or injury, committed by 1.2 million of those 1.7 million?
Why does MADD continue to equate social drinkers with the pie-eyed drunks that do the real killing?
How much money did MADD reap after lobbying to raise the drinking age to 21?
If drinking at 18 is unsafe, why can you still smoke at 18?
What other restrictions are there on an 18 year old adult except the prohibition of alcohol?
How many 18-20 year-olds have had their future's compromised for doing something that is legal in the rest of the world?
Why are drunk driving victims given so much press, gov't access & money when other victim's groups aren't?
Why are government studies routinely ignored if the do not support an anti-alcohol agenda?
Why does the press continue to parrot MADD's assertion that drunk driving is a violent crime?
Why does the press never question MADD's false statistics or deliberately misleading statements?

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