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"When government accepts responsibility for people,
then people no longer take responsibility for themselves." 
--N.Y. Governor George Pataki

Prohibition Drip by Drip:

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Before issuing a driver's license or permit to any person under 21 years of age, both of the following shall occur: (a) The department shall inform the applicant of the following: It is unlawful to drive with a blood-alcohol concentration of .01 percent or greater, as measured by a preliminary alcohol screening test or other chemical test.---CA DMV handbook. (Instead of charging them with underage drinking,  teens are drunk drivers at .01)

People who consume as little as a single drink of alcoholic beverage per week have significantly greater cognitive functioning & sharper thought processes than teetotalers. That’s the finding of a study of over 6,000 British civil servants. These latest findings on the benefits of alcohol come from a study of the long-term health of civil servants, known as the Whitehall Study, established in 1967.---The Telegraph (UK), August 1, 2004.
BUT, posted by law in every bar in California is: "WARNING: Drinking Distilled Spirts, Beer, Coolers, Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverages May Increase Cancer Risk..." (Perhaps an attempt by the politicians to discourage "sharper thought processes" by the voters.)warningSIGN.jpg (20766 bytes)
San Juan County DA Gregory Tucker is working on legislation to restrict people who have been convicted of DUI from buying booze for 5 years. Tucker said drinking is a privilege -- one that should be taken away if it is abused. The NM governor thinks it is an interesting, solid proposal. (To combat obesity, soon eating fatty foods will be a privilege also.)
Driving home from a dinner in 1997, Willis Van Devanter, an academic and grandson of a U.S. Supreme Court justice, was stopped at a Washington, D.C. roadblock. An officer determined that Van Devanter had a BAC of just .03%, less than one-third of D.C.'s legal limit at the time. The police had Van Devanter handcuffed and placed under arrest, telling him that D.C. had "zero tolerance" for any drinking and driving -- even if the driver did not technically violate the District's DWI law. A Phoenix police detective said last year that "once you consume that alcohol, you are now a criminal because it's against the law to drink and drive. Period." That's wrong, but it's a common misperception among citizens --and
"If you think there's a difference between heroin and alcohol, you're dead wrong."---MADD TV video ad. (If you have a video player, watch it here. And next time you run out of beer, just shoot up some heroin--same thing.)

Teens to get alcohol test kits
Senta Scarborough, The Arizona Republic
"Don't let your friend be dead wrong. Test your friend . . . before it's too late" is the message attached to 30,000 Guardian Angel Personal Alcohol Test strips that the state Department of Public Safety will be distributing over the next two weeks to high school students. Representatives of MADD & SADD strongly oppose the use of the strips, saying it undermines their zero-tolerance message: that underage drinking is illegal.
"You are saying it is illegal to drink, yet you are giving them a strip to test for alcohol. I don't think it is appropriate," said MADD state Chairwoman Jan Blaser-Upchurch of Tucson, calling the strips "a bad message.
(MADD is also against adults self-testing their alcohol levels.)

"The 2000 National Household Survey indicated that 54 percent of Americans age 12 and older do not drink. After weighing the facts, total abstinence is the wise choice."---WCTU (Woman's Christian Temperance Union) website. (Founded in 1873, this group may not crave the almighty dollar, like MADD, but they still know how to work the statistics. By including 13-20 year olds, they certainly inflate their 54% 'non-drinker' number.)
"In addition to finding the checkpoints only minimally effective in curbing drunk driving, the trial court found the overall intrusiveness of the roadblocks to the citizens to be great."—Michigan Supreme Court Justice McDonald. (This attempt at logic and protection of our freedoms was ignored by the U.S. Supreme Court.)
"It is illogical to permit law enforcement officers to stop fifty or a hundred vehicles on the speculative chance that one or two may be driven by a person who has violated the law in regard to intoxication."—Rhode Island Supreme Court Justice Fay. (This attempt at logic and protection of our freedoms was also ignored by the U.S. Supreme Court.)
... these warrantless searches conducted without any suspicion of criminal wrongdoing are less efficient than the normal stops based on probable cause. Therefore, roadblocks are an inefficient and unnecessary constraint on a person's right to remain free of search or seizure absent probable cause."—Idaho Supreme Court Justice Huntley. (And this attempt at logic and protection of our freedoms was ignored by the U.S. Supreme Court, too.)
"As long as you have your papers in order, every thing will proceed smoothly."---TV interview with an Indianapolis police officer at a sobriety checkpoint. (Said with a Russian accent, no doubt.)
"The goal of a sobriety checkpoint is to...convince people not to drink and drive."---National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (Finally, an honest statement.)
In North Carolina any place that sells only liquor has to be a private club. There is a 3 day waiting period after you apply for membership. "It's easier to buy a gun," says one club owner---Maxim. (Guns don't kill people beer does. Huh?)
"Over the past ten years, 250,000 Americans have died in accidents caused by drunk driving..."---Ronald Reagan, 1982. (The Great Communicator was never known for checking his facts. Unfortunately, MADD and other anti-alcohol groups have been running with these false statistics for over 20 years.)
"An editorial in the Deseret News called for Utah to lower its BAC threshold to .02, not because it would make the highways safer, but because it would effect a 'cultural shift' in attitudes about alcohol."---Back Door to Prohibition by Radley Balko. (At least the editor is honest about the real agenda, here.)
CLICK HERE for this well documented story of the New Prohibitionists
"Ohio police aren't going to let the lack of a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) violation stop them from citing drivers—they can issue tickets even if drivers are well within the legal .08% BAC limit. Just the smell of alcohol in the car could get you a "physical control violation" citation, according to the North Royalton (OH) police department. ---ABI website. (The smell of money couldn't be the real motivation, could it?  Nah.)
"Virginia is implementing a $500,000 radio advertising campaign designed to perpetuate the myth that it's illegal to drink and drive. It's not. But with the relentless hammering of this message (the spots will play over 22,000 times before the end of the year, on over 52 radio stations and in two languages) people will start to believe it. "---ABI website.
"If you drink and drive, the odds are that you will be caught and arrested at a sobriety checkpoint,"---Lt. Patrick Burke, Traffic Safety Coordinator for the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.
"The last thing the world needs is more drinkers, even moderate ones."--- CSPI's Nutrition Action Healthletter. (Another of the long list of groups part-funded by Robert Wood Johnson.) CLICK HERE for an in-depth look at the anti-alcohol propagandists
"[Educational] Materials recommending a designated driver should be rated unacceptable. They encourage heavy alcohol use by implying that it is okay to drink to intoxication as long as you don't drive."---The federal Office for Substance Abuse Prevention (OSAP). (Apparently, getting drunk may soon be a federal crime.)
Atlanta Thrashers star Dany Heatley was not drunk when he was driving the car that crashed, killing teammate Dan Snyder, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab. "Alcohol was present, but it was below 0.015, which is the crime lab test reporting limit," Friedly said. "That's the lowest point that their test registers, and it was somewhere below that. "In Georgia, the legal limit for drunken driving charges is 0.08. He could potentially face a lesser driving under the influence charge, called "DUI less safe," Friedly said.---Philadelphia Daily News. (Get the message: Any alcohol, no matter how little is a criminal offense.)
"Suspects have choices. People suspected of drunken driving have three choices: a breath test, a blood test or neither, in which case the drivers go to jail automatically.", stating California law. (Eliminating the judge & jury maximizes efficiency.)
“There are nearly one billion drinking and driving trips annually…this crime will not be tolerated.”---Jeffrey W. Runge, NHTSA, Dec, 2002. (The crime is no longer Drunk driving, so the 1 billion criminals need not be drunk--only to have been drinking.)
"Alcohol consumption is forbidden in most of the Middle East. The result: angry people who value revenge over freedom. Now there's a role model."---Anon. (Sounds familiar.)
CASA (The Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse) researchers define an "excessive" adult drinker as anyone who consumed more than two drinks per day. They also want $1 billion from the alcohol industry to support research groups like themselves. (Like the NHTSA, they create definitions to support their anti-alcohol agenda.)
CLICK HERE for more about CASA
"Strictly speaking, a driver can register a BAC of .00% and still be convicted of a DUI. The level of BAC does not clear a driver when it is below the "presumed level of intoxication."
—Tennessee Driver Handbook & Driver License Study Guide.
(Unedited quote!) CLICK HERE for samples from other states
”Promoting 'responsible drinking and driving' is like promoting 'responsible drive-by shootings'."---MADD’s Driven Magazine, Fall, 1997. (Perhaps Demented would be a better name for their magazine.)
DAYTONA BEACH SHORES — Even though Debra Alise Griffey blew a .00 on two alcohol breath tests, she still got arrested for driving under the influence after a traffic stop here in May 1996---Brendan Smith, Staff Writer, Daytona Beach News. (Yes this happened in America, Home of the Free.) CLICK HERE for complete article
"Richard Yoast wrote a report called "The Alcohol Industry: Partner or Foe?" that argues there are two kinds of people: those who abuse alcohol, and those who abstain. The former shouldn't have access to it, the argument goes, and the latter won't care if you take it away. Yoast heads the American Medical Association's Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse. RWJF has given nearly $6 million to Yoast's office since 1995" (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), a MADD supporter, funds most of the anti-alcohol "research" studies.) SEE The MADD Circle of Friends
"Drinking and driving should be as taboo as child molesting.”---NHTSA, Jeffrey Runge. (Notice he did not say drunk driving.)
"The three C's of effective [DUI] enforcement are: 1) Checkpoints, 2) Checkpoints, and 3) More checkpoints." Dr. Allan Williams, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. (The 3 F's are 4th Amendment rights, 4th Amendment rights & Sorry, no 4th Amendment rights.) CLICK HERE for for more Constitutional questions
"MADD does not support the use of personal alcohol tests to assist a driver in making decisions about his or her ability to safely operate a motor vehicle after consuming alcoholic beverages."---MADD website. (They would rather have the police do it for you.)
"Over 80 percent of Americans admit to driving after drinking alcohol."---From a Michigan State Police brochure. (When the definition of "impaired" is reduced to .05 or less, 80 percent of the driving public will, at one time or another, be engaging in a criminal activity and will be subject to arrest.)
"It has become far more neo-prohibitionist than I ever wanted or envisioned," said MADD's founder. "I didn't start MADD to deal with alcohol. I started MADD to deal with the issue of drunk driving."---Candy Lightner, "MADD Struggles to Remain Relevant." Washington Times, August 6, 2002. (As payback, MADD now downplays  Ms. Lightner's role in founding MADD.)