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DUI laws for each state
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CALIFORNIA: (excerpt: Drivers who exceed the per se breath or blood alcohol content (BAC) limit are prosecuted solely for having an amount of alcohol in their system greater than that permitted by law. The driver's level of impairment is not at issue.)


GEORGIA: (excerpt: Although a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 grams or less raises an inference that the driver was not intoxicated, the state can still try and convict you by showing that you were a less safe driver due to alcohol.)

MASSACHUSETTS: This page is courtesy of a MA DUI lawyer with a very informative website.  The MA law is about halfway down on this page.

MICHIGAN: or Both pages offers details of Michaigan's laws and penalties.

NEW JERSEY:   (excerpt: If a court of law finds you guilty of refusing to submit to chemical tests of your breath, then your license will be revoked for a period of no less than six months and no more than 20 years.)

PENNSYLVANIA: Then click on ACT 24 of 2003. Some of the provisions of the current PA DUI law summarized here are unclear. It is doubtful that law enforcement, lawyers or the judges understand it fully.


MORE STATES will be added as the info is gathered


The Driver's Rights Card below is from a Georgia DUI lawyer.  It has been modified slightly to remove the Georgia state specific information. We believe it applies to all 50 states, BUT, the laws of some states may vary, so please check your state's laws and make any changes before using the card.
Remember, using this card may be seen by the officer as a challenge to his authority and you may be arrested for exercising your rights. OR your knowledge of the law may intimidate him into letting you go. Poker anyone? Please do not use this information to endanger other Americans by driving drunk. The police have a right and a duty to remove truly dangerous drivers from our roads.
     If you are stopped by the police and questioning goes beyond a request for your "papers", you should hand the Driver's Rights Card to the officer. Remain silent until the officer has read the card. Make sure you have read the 7 points on this card, so that you understand your rights at the time of the stop.

Driver's Rights Card

NOTICE TO OFFICER:This document constitutes an official notification and should be retained for your records.

1. I hereby tender my driver's license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance for your examination.
2. I have committed no crime and request that my papers be returned to me and that I be allowed to depart immediately.
3. If you are not going to allow me to leave at this time, I will assume that this is more than a brief investigatory stop and that I am under arrest.
4. I invoke my RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT, and do not wish to make any statements, nor do I wish to answer any questions relating to consumption of alcohol. I rightfully, and voluntarily CHOOSE NOT TO TAKE ANY FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS, including the hand held breath testing device.
5. I DO consent to tests of my blood, breath, or urine, at the police station or state testing facility, provided that (1) they are conducted in compliance with state laws. (2) I am afforded independent testing at a private medical facility by personnel of my own choosing. I in no way waive or withdraw my request for independent testing, nor do I waive any deficiencies in the procedures or advisement which you provide during this arrest.
6. I DO NOT consent to a search of my person, vehicle, or any other property without my WRITTEN permission.
7. I immediately INVOKE MY RIGHT TO AN ATTORNEY and request that I be allowed to call him. I will answer no further questions until my attorney is present.

(Source: . Visit this site for more information on what you should and should not do, if stopped.



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