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"The great masses will fall more easily for a big lie rather than a little one."---A.H.  


prohibitionbutton.jpg (22873 bytes)Alcohol—MADD’s 24 Point Strategy for Winning the War:

1.     Get people to believe government statistics (not an easy task) by adopting them as our own. Interpret them in our favor.

2.     Blame alcohol for causing all accidents and deaths no matter what the actual cause, as long as any measurable amount of alcohol, or statistical possibility of alcohol use is present at the scene.

3.     Define drunk driver as any passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist and/or driver with an alcohol reading above .00.   If two passengers were drinking and the driver was sober, add 2 to the total drunk drivers involved in the accident.

4.     Add a percentage of  sober & “alcohol unknown” drivers to the total, just for good measure.

5.     Round all of the phony percentages up: 41% becomes 50%, 16,400 becomes 17,000.

6.     Stress stories from Mothers with personal tragedies, not our $44 million corporate structure and the Men in charge.

7.     Refer to accidents as crashes. It sounds more dramatic and implies that they could have all been prevented if drivers did not drink.

8.     Lobby Congress for money for the NHTSA so they can "grant" more money to us.

9.     Define the ratio of blood alcohol to breath alcohol as 2100:1 even though the range varies from about 1300:1 to 3500:1

10. Label drunk drivers violent criminals and compare them to murderers and rapists.

11. Begin using the term impaired driver so that even if the driver is not legally drunk, they can still be arrested.

12. Spend over $200 million in 20 years to convince the public that this is a more serious social issue  than healthcare, poverty or education.

13. Swap employees with government agencies and research groups who will promote our cause.

14. Solicit money from groups that will benefit from more arrests, like insurance companies.

15. Lump the social drinkers in with the hard-core drunks and threaten them with vague statements like, “You drink, you drive. You lose.”

16. Support police roadblocks to stop people without probable cause who don’t display any drunk driving characteristics.

17. Convince lawmakers to sentence drunks to mandatory attandance at our Victim Impact Panels and collect over $3.5 million each year for the effort.

18.  Pass laws to shred anyone’s drivers license on the spot if they refuse to incriminate themselves by taking the breath test and suspend it for one year even if they are found not guilty of DUI.

19. Pass laws to suspend the drivers license of everyone convicted of DUI, so they can’t earn money to buy alcohol. Impound their car, if we want to.

20. Continue to cite studies that support our cause even if they have been discredited by other studies that we also cite.

21. Continue to push for lower legal alcohol limits so more people qualify for arrest and deny that we are actually for virtual Prohibition.

22. Never show any sympathy or concern for the suicides, ruined careers and failed marriages of thousands of people arrested for DUI—even those who caused no accident, injury or death. After all they are still violent criminals.

23. Never worry about awkward Constitutional issues like probable cause, self-incrimination, right to counsel, cruel & unusual punishment, trial by jury and illegal search.

24. Spoon feed the press distorted and exaggerated information knowing that they’ll never check its veracity.

All information is from MADD, NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) web sites and the American Institute of Philanthropy.

"Many a truth is said in jest"---Billy the Kid in The Outlaw

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."---Winston Churchill

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