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"When it is a question of money, everyone is of the same religion."---Voltaire

Follow the Money:

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After raising $129,000 locally and turning it all over as the National Chapter of MADD demands, the Las Vegas MADD chapter received a check from the national office for $1.29.--K5 News, Seattle.
When an intoxicated Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager drove her state car into a ditch, she also did quite a number on MADD. Fund-raising has dried up for MADD Wisconsin. Many supporters have quit giving because of the group's namby-pamby statement declining to call for the first-term attorney general to resign. "We probably will break $20 in May," said Kari Kinnard, head of MADD Wisconsin, noting that her group was advised by lawyers that officially calling for Lautenschlager's resignation would threaten MADD's tax-exempt status. Kinnard's summary of the AG's email explaining the incident: "I fell asleep at the wheel, yada, yada, yada, and, by the way, I was cited for OWI."---JS Online (abridged).
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) is attempting to "bankrupt" an anti-drug organization, started by a man in honor of his dead son, by deliberately filing a trademark infringement lawsuit in the wrong courts, the man claimed Monday. "They are trying to bankrupt us," Steiner said in a telephone interview. "They have no case so they are doing this intentionally because they know they have the financial resources to outlast us."---AP.
In 2001, MADD received $2,657,293 in Victim Impact Revenue. "This revenue is earned from DWI offenders who must pay a donation to MADD..."states MADD tax form #990. (More arrests=more money for MADD. Hmm). In 2002, MADD received $3,000,590.
"The U.S. Department of Justice awarded MADD with a grant to fund the organization's efforts and activities in support of September 11th victims."---MADD tax form  #990 (What??)
In 2001, MADD received $8,419,699 from the U.S. government--MADD tax form #990 (So they could lobby for more money. The circle game continues.) In 2002, MADD received $9,328,367.
MADD received $5,497,183 from "...sales of educational materials, licensing fees, and conference fees which increase public awareness of MADD's message..."---MADD tax form #990. (Much of the $5.5 million from state and local governments (taxpayers.))
"After Missouri's first full year of having .08 BAC, arrests have increased almost 14%. Two-thirds of that increase were from arrests between .08 and .10 BAC. MADD would be cheering except for one small fact: alcohol-related fatalities are still on the rise in Missouri. MADD officials specifically said that .08 would reduce fatalities and be the best solution to the problem of drunk drivers. They are now bactracking as the data coming in directly contradicts their claims."---NMA Newsletter. (The arrest of 5,682 low alcohol drivers who lost their licenses and paid $10,000 in fines and increased insurance premiums didn't saved any lives, but sure raised government funds for the cash strapped "Show Me (The Money) State.")
" A federal appeals court has ruled in a Connecticut case that being drunk while driving can mean the insurance company does not have to pay medical bills.
National Health Insurance Co. does not have to pay $242,235 in medical bills incurred by a 19-year-old Guilford man who was driving drunk when he crashed his car in 1998, the 2nd U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled."---NBC News.
"The state of Florida recently considered a piece of legislation that would have increased traffic violation fines by $50. One dollar of every fine would have gone to MADD"---Back Door to Prohibition by Radley Balko.
CLICK HERE for this well documented story of the money & the New Prohibitionists
North Carolina uses sobriety checkpoints liberally and recently enacted a policy of turning over DWI fines to local school boards. The National Safety Council reports that some North Carolina school boards now exclaim, "Hey, forget the bake sale, we want ourselves a checkpoint."---Windows on Texas Government. (The new cash cow.)
"What did that last drink cost? Over $8,000, your license and car when you're caught driving impaired." NHTSA, July 2003 radio spot. (Certainly more profitable than handing out speeding tickets.)I
"MADD lobbies to have NHTSA allotted additional funds, NHTSA gives lobbying money to MADD."---Charles V. Peņa. (The Circle Game.) CLICK HERE for this excellent article
The MAN in charge of MADD, Dean Wilkerson, took home $217,651 in 2001. He got $238,139 in 2002.. CLICK HERE for more salary info (Send your donation now to this grass roots organization.)

Nationwide Insurance is a major financial contributor to MADD. (They collect 200-300% higher premiums to insure DUI arrestees.)

DialAmerica is listed as MADD's top contributor ($3.58 million.)---MADD Annual Report 2001-2002 (The fact that this telemarketer received millions from MADD to solicit the contributions is not mentioned.)
In 2001, MADD received $2,657,293 in Victim Impact Revenue
"This revenue is earned from DWI offenders who must pay a donation to MADD..."states MADD tax form #990. (More arrests=more money for MADD. Hmm).
"Perhaps another reason for MADD's lack of concern for deaths caused by cell phone use may be the fact that the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) has given free wireless phones to MADD chapters throughout the country along with free airtime.---"Dr. David J. Hanson, Cell Phones & Traffic Fatalities. (Honey, it's MADD. They want to know if you've been drinking.)
"In 1997, NHTSA granted almost a half-million dollars to MADD and another group to “impact state legislative deliberation” and create a “network of highly motivated thoroughly trained individuals that will assist in the passage of impaired driver legislation.” Quoted from The Anti-Drunk Driving Campaign: A Covert War Against Drinking, by Charles V. Peņa. (Your tax dollars supporting lobbyists.) CLICK HERE for this excellent article
While MADD stresses their "humble beginnings", their income for 2001 was $44,336,406--MADD tax form #990. (How much did you contribute without even knowing it?)
Salaries, benefits and pension funds for MADD employees were $14,259,164.00 in 2001--MADD tax form #990. (No wonder so many people "volunteer" to work there.)
"The Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is proud to be an official sponsor of MADD Canada."---from the home page of MADD Canada, (Along with a handy link to Allstate Insurance Co.)
"Antoinette Wilda, [MADD chapter founder] is accused of pocketing more than $47,000 in fees paid by drunken drivers who were ordered by the courts to attend a [MADD] program at which relatives of DUI victims talk about how their lives have been affected...about 100 people a month have been ordered by the Will County courts to attend the panels."---Chicago Tribune, 9/12/03 (That's 1200 referrals per year in only one county, times $20=$24,000 to spend on lobbying to further increase the arrest rate.)

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